About Us

Seretra is an online Gadget Service Platform providing seamless Service & Transparency in all its process delivered by renowned technical engineers in the industry. With our Flagship Product, Extended warranty for both New Mobile & Non Warranty (Refurbished Mobiles) seretra aims to create an indulging experience on owning the gadget.

Who We Are

We are team of different people working on common goal to make you 'Never pay for what you own already'.

What We Do

We protect your Mobile Phone in smartest way.

Why We Do

We believe in creating values to our customer's day to day life by making our services extremely transparent, secured to feel & reliable to trust, which made us to create innovative protection plans to service mobile phones.

Our Vision

By Empowering people to utilize the full potential of their product in most customer centric environment.

Our Mission

To create a secured environment to ensure the longevity of your device through transparent & reliable Service solutions that offers personalized customer support, developed with best in class protections plans at affordable cost for every individual.