Frequently asked questions

What is Seretra Protection Plan? How it works?
Seretra is an online gadget service platform, providing you comprehensive Extended Warranty plans for both warranty & Non-warranty (Refurbished) mobiles starting at very affordable prices for everyone.
We are working with renowned industry technicians to deliver excellent quality service and provide indulging customer experience.
Once you have selected your plan and made the payment, you will shortly receive email confirmation with activation link. Through which you need to register your device details and get it activated. Alternatively, you can also register it through our website by logging in and following activation process.
If you face any issues, please call us at +91 7305 56 56 56. Further on activation, for any service related to your mobile, you can just call us and we will pick it up, service it and deliver it to your place.
Which plan suits me the most of the two, Warranty or Non-Warranty? How should I select it?
We want to provide warranty for each person & every mobile phone. Hence, we have created separate plans to cater every one’s needs & requirement. Our unique product Refurbished protection plan has been created keeping in mind about all the hardships faced by the people who don’t have warranty mobiles.
It is very simple to choose between the plans. If you have purchased it with invoice which represents the brand warranty you can opt for the warranty plan & If you have bought the mobile phone without brand warranty you can get our unique & exclusive refurbished plan.
What is the timeline to purchase the plans?
You need to purchase our Extended warranty plan before 20-days from the expiry date of your Manufacturer brand warranty.
For Non-Warranty Phones, Refurbished Extended warranty plan must be purchased within 30 days from the date of purchase or total talk time of 30 hours whichever is earlier.
We will consider the first sim activation date as the 1st day for 30 day’s period.
How should I register and activate it?
You will receive confirmation email along with the activation link which will allow you to activate your product directly by selecting the link.
Alternatively, you can visit our website to login using your credentials & then click on the activate menu in your dashboard and follow the simple steps. Once completed your Mobile protection plan gets activated instantly.
How should I raise the request?
You can call us through +91 7305 56 56 56 and inform us regarding the problem you are facing and we will take it up from there.
Also, you can directly raise a ticket from our website without logging in dashboard menu.
Our facebook, twitter & Instagram pages are active and you can get in touch with us. Our executive will address your issue immediately.
Do you offer service in all the cities?
No. At present we are providing service only @ Chennai. We will make our presence widely soon.
What are the special features offered in the plans? What is the difference between two plans?
Seretra provides you exclusive features like stand by mobile, pick up & delivery facility, cloud storage & more other features specified in our website without any bias to both the plans.
Primary difference is that Refurbished (Non Warranty) phone will get first one year cover as Extended Warranty whereas Manufacturer phone gets Extended Warranty from second year, effective from the midnight of the brand warranty which subsequently gets over.
What is Seretra Assurance?
We have an exclusive feature of replacement policy if service is not done within 12 business days assuring our customers.
We promise you on delivering your device within 12 business days from the date we receive your device. If we are unable to service your mobile within the said timeline, you will get the replacement of your Mobile or gift voucher equivalent to the same value.