Smartphones Value From 25001-35000 INR

Seretra Features

  • Extended Warranty for your smart phone's enduring life.
  • All your mobile’s natural Malfunctions are covered. (Replicates Manufacturer Warranty)
  • Free Pick up & Drop service
  • Free Stand by Mobile.
  • 12-Day Replacement Policy.
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₹ 999/-

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Seretra Assurance

  • We assure you servicing your mobile within 12 business days & if we fall back on that, no questions asked. We provide you replacement or gift voucher equivalent to your mobile cost as promised.
  • Missing your smartphone is not an easy deal. Hence to create an incessant user experience, we provide you with a spare mobile while your repaired mobile is in service.
  • Seretra is a customer centric company. We ensure excellent customer experience in whole process from genuine spares to quality service till timely delivery.
  • Our team of In house service experts come with strong professional experience with more than 8 years in the industry.
  • At seretra, we ensure maximum transparency in handling your smartphone data & glitch free when it is delivered without possibility of reoccurrence.

Whats is Seretra Protection Plan & Uses?

In the fast-moving pace of our life, to stay protected of your gadget and to eliminate unnecessary expenses caused by the frequent glitches occurred to your mobile phone.

We want our customers to stay delighted and enjoy uninterrupted communication services.